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Education in a Christian Environment

We can proudly say our school is safe, caring, and Christ-centered.



1. We love Jesus

2. We love education

Where these two collide is what you get at HPCS. Our faculty and staff are deeply committed and dedicated educators, coming from all walks of life, to expand the Kingdom of God. All we do is deeply rooted in our mission and core values, which are Biblically based. Since 1975 we've created a haven to freely walk out our Christian faith all while providing a place for educators to do what they do best, teach. 

Our campus is safely housed in High Point Church on Madison's west side, and has been home to High Point Christian School since the early 1990's. We are conveniently located near multiple businesses and residential areas, with access to bus lines, the belt-line, and amazing bike trails. Our belt-line access connects most nearby neighborhoods and towns by 10-15 minutes! Madison consistently ranks among the best in the nation for almost everything including fantastic bike trails, safe neighborhoods, great healthcare, excellent education, amazing music venues, diverse restaurants, and much, much more!


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