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General Information and Instructions

Athletes must read over this page and sign the form below.  Please review the information and submit your signature at the bottom indicating you have reviewed the necessary information, and agree to abide by the policies outlined below. 
Parents must also complete the Parent Agreement Form, if you wish to participate in sports at HPCS.

Athlete Agreement


Concussion Requirement


As an Athlete it is important to recognize the signs, symptoms, and behaviors of concussions. By signing this form you are stating that you have read the concussion information sheet and understand the importance of recognizing and responding to the signs, symptoms, and behaviors of a concussion or head injury.  There is an additional video with helpful concussion information that you may also review. 

By signing below, I confirm that:

  • I have read the Athlete Concussion and Head Injury Information and understand what a concussion is and how it may be caused.
  • I understand the importance of reporting a suspected concussion to my coaches and my parents/guardian.
  • I understand that I must be removed from practice/play if a concussion is suspected.  I understand that I must provide written clearance from an appropriate health care provider to my coach before returning to practice/play.
  • I understand the possible consequence of returning to practice/play too soon and that my brain needs time to heal.


Athletic Handbook Requirement


By signing below, I confirm that I have read the Athletic Handbook and agree to abide by the policies and principles listed.
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