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High Point Christian School is fully accredited

by the Association of Christian Schools International.

What does this mean?

Every five years, High Point Christian School goes through a rigorous re-accreditation process with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). Through this process, we are held accountable for fulfilling our mission statement and operation in a manner consistent with our core values, as well as meeting all state and federal regulations.  According to ACSI, their "internationally recognized accreditation program is thought provoking in its approach, stimulating in its methods, and efficient in its procedures.  
ACSI promotes the value and worthiness of accreditation and encourages each school and early education program to continuously pursue excellence.  This pursuit matches the biblical directive of approving “things that are excellent” (Philippians 1:10, KJV).  The “accredited” seal denotes a school that has met institutional standards of quality, and verifies a commitment to strategic improvement and ongoing accountability.  The process of accreditation involves three significant elements:
  1. Intensive, institution-wide self-appraisal, analysis, and improvement planning.
  2. External consultation, review, validation, and insights from a visiting peer group.
  3. Ongoing accountability for improvement through annual reporting and renewal."
High Point Christian School has been fully accredited and carried the ACSI accredited seal since 1987.  In the State of Wisconsin, we are recognized as an Elementary/Secondary institution, and continues to meet or exceed the Wisconsin State Educational Statutes. 

Who is ACSI?

The Association of Christian School International (ACSI) is a Christian educational organization. They advance excellence in Christian schools by enhancing the professional and personal development of Christian educators, and through providing vital support functions for Christian schools. More than 24,000 schools around the world are members of ACSI. 
ACSI exists to strengthen Christian schools and equip Christian educators worldwide as they prepare students academically and inspire them to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ.
ACSI will become a leading international organization that promotes Christian education and provides training and resources to Christian schools and Christian educators, resulting in:
  • Schools that contribute to the public good through effective teaching and learning and that are biblically sound, academically rigorous, socially engaged, and culturally relevant; and
  • Educators who embody a biblical worldview, engage in transformational teaching and discipling, and embrace personal and professional growth.

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