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  • Scrip Coordinator Needed!

     Are you interested in volunteering your time this coming school year?  Volunteer with our Scrip program! 

    Our Scrip program is looking for a volunteer to be our Scrip Coordinator beginning this summer for our 2021-22 school year.  This is a role that can only be run by a volunteer, which means WE NEED YOU!

    If you are interested, or know someone who would be interested, please email for more information.  You can learn more about our Scrip program on our website.

  • Now Hiring!

    High Point Christian School is currently seeking candidates who will contribute to our students’ development as mature, able, and responsible Christians to the praise and glory of God!

    If you or someone you know is interested in our open positions, have them apply online today:

    Open positions include: 

    • Music Teacher - Both Campuses
    • Preschool Teacher - Madison Campus
    • Spanish Teacher - Madison Campus
    • Lunchroom Coordinator - Madison Campus
    • 1st-2nd Grade Teacher - Mount Horeb Campus
    • 3rd-4th Grade Teacher - Mount Horeb Campus
    • Kindergarten Teacher - Mount Horeb Campus
    • Middle School Math Teacher (Part-Time) - Mount Horeb Campus
    • Physical Education Teacher (Part-Time) - Mount Horeb Campus
    • Teacher Assistant/Aide - Mount Horeb Campus
    • Substitute Teachers
    • Substitute Aides


  • Contact the School Office

    Please remember to contact the school office if:

    • Your student will be absent.
    • Your student is not feeling well.
    • You are picking your student up early or dropping them off late.
    • You have medications for your student.

    Contact Information:
    Phone: (608) 836-7170


  • Virtual Pick Up Information

    Virtual Materials Exchange 

    Every Friday from 8:15 AM - 2:00 PM

    To exchange materials:

    • Pull up to the main entrance of the school. 
    • Call the school office at (608) 836-7170.
    • Display in your vehicle window: Student's name and grade.