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At High Point Christian Preschool, our mission is to develop students who are committed disciples of Jesus Christ through our vision of high level academic achievement, strong moral character, and life-changing person faith in Jesus Christ.  We accomplish this by offering all of our students: 

  • Christian values integrated in all learning experiences;
  • Literacy-theme based activities;
  • Powerful academic curriculum;
  • Integrated learning centers;
  • Low student-to-teacher ratios.
High Point Christian Preschool offers 3KAM, 4KPM, and Full Day Preschool programs!



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Our Philosophy

We believe each child is uniquely created by God in His image Luke 8:16; Psalm 139:13-16
We believe each child is an individual with their own rate of development and maturation Luke 2:52
We believe children learn by exploring, participating, and discovering their world through all the senses. 
We accept each child's differences in skills and interests while encouraging a well-rounded individual to meet their highest potential.
We integrate this into our Preschool by focusing on concepts and strategies that use:
One on one interaction
Small and large group instruction
Interactive learning
Active manipulation of concrete materials to build a solid growth and learning foundation

Academic Excellence with a Biblical Worldview

  • HPCS is fully accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).*
  • Our assessments are designed using the Wisconsin Model of Early Learning Standards.
  • Unique foundations for character development are provided by teaching God’s word to our preschool students.
  • A natural exposure to language is created by reading around preschool rooms.
  • Critical thinking skills and creative problem solving are core in our approach to learning.
  • We are included in the larger school community by offering Gym and Library as Specials to our preschool students.

The preschool is associated with HPCS, which is a Kindergarten through eighth grade school. Due to this association we are exempt from Wisconsin state licensing; however, we strive to attain the state standards or to be above the standards.

Our Location


7702 Old Sauk Rd
Madison, WI 53717



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