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Curriculum Overview K-5


*Children must be 5 years old by September 1 of the year they enter kindergarten.

Bible:  Purposeful Design - The children memorize a Bible verse each week.  The lessons include stories, songs, skits and real-life applications.  Stories are organized around a common theme, such as, "Nothing is impossible for God."

Math:  A Beka -  Foundational number skills are built in a variety of ways including hands-on manipulatives, games, worksheets, and flashcards.  Students will write and identify numbers to 100, count by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's, tell time, count coins, add to 10, and begin subtraction.  There are frequent evaluations, both oral and written. 

Language Arts:  Students keep a journal, usually writing about the current topic of study.  Reading aloud is done daily, working in discussion of literary elements, creative writing, and text features.  Students often make books and have language arts extension activities.

Reading (Sounds and Letters):  A Beka.  Our reading program is phonics based and uses multi-sensory techniques to teach decoding skills.  By the end of the year, children are reading at least at a basic level and know about 40 sight words.  Additional concepts such as rhyming are also introduced.  Learn and Play activities include hands-on learning centers that reflect the phonics concepts that are being taught.  Students receive instruction and practice in small learning groups of three to six students.  Groups are sometimes ability based and sometimes mixed, depending on the needs for that particular lesson.  Groups frequently change to meet student needs.

Writing:  D'Nealian - The children learn proper writing technique and formation of letters.  They also learn basic sentence structure, word spacing, and punctuation. Handwriting instruction is done in small groups and practiced daily in a variety of ways.

Literature:  A wide variety of books are read, including poetry, fiction and non-fiction.  The literature is reflective of the unit theme.

Unit:  Each unit runs for three to four weeks.  Units are science and social studies based and some unit themes include studying the weather, health and safety, cultures and world missions, and animals as well as a number of others.  Units are taught through literature, learning centers, and special activities.

Theme: Books, art, and extension projects are usually related to the current theme. Themes usually last 1-2 weeks, often incorporating science, social studies, seasons, holidays or author studies.

1st Grade

Bible:  ACSI Curriculum -  This curriculum includes thematic lessons each week which incorporate a Bible story and activities.  We apply the lesson to the lives of our 1st graders.  We pray daily as a class for special needs and concerns.

Math:  A Beka

Language Arts:  A Beka

Spelling:  A Beka

Science:  Bob Jones (BJU Press)

Social Studies:  Bob Jones (BJU Press)

Other Highlights:  Twice a week parents have an opportunity to come in and read books to the class for a special reading time. The students love this time! Every Monday we meet with middle school students to work on strengthening our skills in Math, Language, and Reading. We also meet with our 8th grade "buddies" each quarter to make projects, gingerbread houses, and Easter baskets. We are also blessed to have 4th grade friends that we read with twice a month.

2nd Grade

Bible:  ACSI - Weekly thematic lessons, daily prayer time and weekly memory verse.

Math:  A Beka

Language Arts:  A Beka

Spelling:  A Beka

Science:  Bob Jones (BJU Press)

Social Studies:  Bob Jones (BJU Press)

The second grade class has reading friends in pre-school. We do activities and read with our friends once a week. Field trips include:  Madison Children's Museum, Olbrich Gardens, Cave of the Mounds, and attending live theater.

3rd grade

Bible: ACSI Curriculum- Thematic weekly lessons, daily prayer time for our world, ourselves, and others in need. A weekly memory verse is assigned.

Math: Purposeful Design, ACSI

English: Bob Jones (BJU Press)

Reading: Bob Jones (BJU Press)

Spelling: Sadlier

Science: Bob Jones (BJU Press)

Social Studies:  Bob Jones (BJU Press)

4th grade

Bible: ACSI Curriculum- Thematic weekly lessons, prayer, weekly memory verses, and personal devotional time.

Math: Harcourt/Houghton Mifflin, HSP Math

Language Arts: Bob Jones (BJU Press) - Grammar/writing, English 4;

Reading: I Met You in a Story - Reading 4, plus supplemental chapter books for group reading

Spelling: Sadlier

Science: Bob Jones (BJU Press)

Social Studies:  Wisconsin - Our State, Our Story by Malone, O’Leary & Oberle

Students will write and publish their own "tall tales," learn what it looks like to have their own devotional time, learn all about Wisconsin, go on a field trip to learn more about maple syrup, write a research paper, and enjoy a day trip to Devil's Lake! We are busy learning all about God and the world he gave us.

5th Grade

Bible: ACSI Curriculum-Thematic weekly lesson based on Old Testament history, prayer, weekly memory verses, with an emphasis on Biblical application. 

Math: McDougal Littell Course 1

Language Arts and Writing - English 5 Writing and Grammar (Bob Jones (BJU Press) Also use Progeny Press Theme Books curriculum with the following books: Whipping Boy, Number the Stars, and Carry On, Mr. Bowditch. This curriculum introduces deeper level literary concepts and vocabulary.

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