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Kindergarten - Eighth Grade

  • Regular school hours are 8:00 AM to 3:23 PM.
  • We are accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International
  • We are a Choice School, meaning we are part of the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program.
  • The average years of teaching experience of our teachers is over ten years.
  • Hot Lunch is available to students, upon order.
  • Students in grades K-8th receive special instruction in art, music, library, and physical education.
  • Students in grades 1st-8th receive additional instruction in Spanish and computers.
  • Middle School (grades 5th-8th) is taught by a group of teachers, each responsible for a core subject area: Bible, English/Language Arts, History, Math, Science.
  • Electives are available for our Middle School students, which include: Organized Sports, Digital Photography, Woodworking, Student Council, and Band.
  • Middle School students have the option to participate in sports as an extracurricular.  Sports include: Basketball, Volleyball, Flag Football, Track, Cross Country and Softball.

Preschool (3K-4K)

  • We offer part-time and full-time options to best fit your schedule: 
    • Part-Time 3K: Three days a week, half days.
    • Full-Time 3K: Five days a week, full days.
    • Part-Time 4K: Four days a week, half days.
    • Full-Time 4K: Five days a week, full days.
  • Regular school hours for part-time enrollment are 8:00 AM-12:00 PM, and regular school hours for full-time enrollment are 8:00 AM-3:23 PM.
  • We are a Choice School, meaning we are part of the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program for 4K-8th grade.
  • Our program features a safe, loving, and caring environment in which early childhood academics, socialization, Christian education, creative arts, and fun are all components.
  • Conferences are held two times per year to meet with parents and review each child's progress.
  • Theme centered curriculum allows for your child's growth in spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development.
  • Each classroom includes a play corner, art center, sensory table, reading corning, and block center.
  • Preschool students participate in gym class and library weekly.
  • Hot lunch is available to full-time students, upon order.

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