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High Point Christian School desires to maintain an appropriate educational environment, while honoring God.

Cleanliness, neatness, and modesty are our basic goals.

We believe our dress and our actions represent the feelings and thoughts of our hearts.  Therefore, our clothing and the way we wear it should represent our desire to please God and honor him.  Any apparel, hairstyles, make-up, jewelry or accessories that interfere with these purposes are unacceptable at HPCS.
HPCS depends on our parents/guardians to work with the school in maintaining these appearance standards.  Parents/guardians can help in maintaining our dress code by checking their child(ren) before they leave for school to ensure their child(ren) are dressed and groomed properly.  It is understood that enrollment in HPCS means a pledge on the part of both students and parents to abide by this dress code. 
The slideshow below represents common questions about our dress code.  Our full dress code can also be found in our Family Handbook.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, HPCS does not have an "official" uniform, but our dress code is in actuality dictating a uniform with as broad parameters as possible. 
No.  Since HPCS does not have an "official" uniform, it is not necessary to order clothing from a specific catalog or buy clothing from a specific store.  Students also do not need to wear a certain color. 
Yes.  All students Preschool - 8th Grade students are to abide by the requirements/standards set in our dress code.  This is because in the early grades we are training our students to make appropriate choices when they reach the upper grades.