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High Point Church Library


Being a ministry of High Point Church, our school is blessed to have access to a full library!

  • Our library houses a collection of over 21,000 volumes!
  • Our books range from board books for little children to theological for more advanced readers.
  • Our collection also includes a range of books on tape and DVDs.
When students in Kindergarten-8th Grade are enrolled, they receive a library card to access items available.  Our collection can be viewed here.


When you enroll(ed) your K-8th Grade student(s), there was a form for a library card.  Once that form is turned in our school librarians process it, and get your student set up with their own card.
During their scheduled library time, they have the opportunity to check books out.  Students check outs are limited to by their grade: 1st grade=1 item, 2nd grade=2 items, 3rd grade=3 items, etc.
If your student does not have a card, or you need a new form, please contact the school office.
During scheduled HPCS class periods, people are not admitted to the library, per school policy.  If you would like to come to the library, please check the schedule outside of the library door, or call ahead for suggested visiting times.
Yes!  Family cards are issued to one parent.  Parents may get a family library card by stopping in the library.  When you come, please stop at the school office to check into the building.
Parents may check out up to 20 items.   Preschool students do not get cards, so a parent/family card is best for those folks.
Also, please call ahead for suggested times, as visitors are not admitted during scheduled library class periods.
Preschool students do not get cards, so a family card is best if you would like to check out books for your preschooler.

School Librarians

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    Kris Peppler

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    Ellen Flottmeyer

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    Sarah Jordan

    Librarian/Office Support
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