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What is RaiseRight?

Simply put, RaiseRight is gift cards. All you do is purchase gift cards for retailers you already go to for everyday shopping needs. There is nothing extra to sell or buy!

Each retailer offers a rebate that goes back to you and the school. One portion of the rebate is applied to your tuition account (55%), while another portion of the rebate will benefit the school (45%) as a fundraiser!  

This is a great program that will benefit both YOU and our SCHOOL — all while spending money at places you would normally shop!

Hundreds of vendors nationwide participate in this program, ranging from gas and groceries to restaurants, home improvement, travel, and more. Watch the videos below to learn more!



How to Get Started


Earn Faster with Online Payment 


How to Discover Reloadable Card Types


How to Use a Reloadable Gift Card


Cash & Carry - Paper Ordering

We also offer “Cash & Carry” as an option to purchase your RaiseRight cards. To order by paper:

  1. Fill out your paper order form (you can only order what is listed on the form)
  2. Drop off your order form and check/cash at the school office
  3. Receive an email when your order is ready for pick up*

Paper order forms can be found in Family Portal or outside the school office.  

*Ordering this way may result in a delay in receiving your gift cards, as the RaiseRight coordinator fills orders only during certain scheduled times of the week. Also, if our physically inventory is low in a certain item when you order, an external order will need to be placed, which will cause further delay.



Mindy Caldwell

SCRIP Coordinator

Grace Olsen

Business Office Manger
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