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Tuition Savings

Wisconsin Private School Tuition Tax Deduction

A subtraction from Wisconsin taxable income is allowed for a portion of the tuition paid to send your dependent child to High Point Christian School. The subtraction is limited to $4,000 per calendar year for children in Kindergarten through grade 8. Please refer to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue’s website for limitations on this subtraction and reach out to your tax advisor for more information. Parents can log into their FACTS Financial Account for the FEIN number and documentation needed.

Section 529 Plans

Funds from Section 529 plans can be used for qualified K-12 tuition expenses, in addition to their traditional role of paying for college expenses. Section 529 rules allow for up to $10,000 per calendar year to be applied toward private elementary or secondary school tution expenses. The use of a Section 529 plan allows for a deduction at the state level when contributions are made to the plan and tax-free withdrawals of any growth in the account. Please refer to your financial advisor or CPA for further information.

Transportation Reimbursement

Wisconsin state law requires each local school district to provide transportation for non-public school children. This service must be comparable to that provided to children in the public schools. Districts are granted the option of providing “parent transportation reimbursement contracts” which reimburse parents for transportation expenses, rather than providing the actual busing.

At the time your child enrolls, HPCS will inform your local school district that you have enrolled in HPCS and may possibly qualify for transportation reimbursement. Your local school district will then contact you with the offer of a transportation reimbursement contract. Policies and reimbursements differ widely between the school districts.  

For students in the Madison School District who: 

  • Reside within the boundaries of the Madison Metropolitan School District.
  • Reside within the boundaries of the school attendance area.
  • Are four years old on or before September 1st of the year school will start.
  • Are in eighth grade or younger (except in certain areas of Fitchburg).
  • Reside more than 1.5 miles from the school attended.

Information on transportation reimbursement and the contract form for transportation
reimbursement is located on the MMSD district website

New this year! Families will need to access and download the form there and follow the directions on the form for submission of this document. 

HPCS families can find number school days for each semester and absences in the Family Portal.