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High Point Christian school is happy to welcome international students! International students enhance the learning environment of our school and provide wonderful opportunities for cross-cultural friendships and understanding. High Point accepts international students for short-term learning opportunities in grades K-8.

A visiting student is a student who, at the time of enrollment, indicates that he or she will be at HPCS for no more than 4 months.*

Requirements for Admittance
  • Parents/guardians and students must complete the necessary forms, including signing the contract which indicates support and compliance with the school mission and behavior expectations.
  • All tuition and fees must be paid in full before enrollment will be accepted. Tuition will be determined based upon a daily rate (total annual international tuition/number of school-days = daily rate). Registration fee will be ½ of full rate.  There are no other fees, but hot lunch will be paid for if ordered.
  • The administrator has the authority to determine grade placement of visiting students. (Enrollment opportunity is based on availability within the requested grade). 
Upon completion of their time with us, HPCS will be able to:
  • Upon request, write a letter to the student’s regular school indicating attendance, language and academic achievement as well as report upon the student’s behavior while at HPCS.*
  • Give a copy of this letter to the parent or legal guardian.
* Please note we are not able to give the student a formal report card or keep track of the student’s grades on assignments or tests.

Financial Information

Tuition is calculated on a pro-rated basis for international families. The table below represents annual tuition. Actual tuition will be calculated based upon the number of days a student will attend. 

Registration Fee: $100
Hot Lunch (if desired): $4.10 per day

Please contact the school office for an estimate of the total cost for your student to attend. For more information please fill out our online inquiry form.

* If you are interested in full-time international enrollment please contact Abundant Life Christian School.