High Point Christian School

Curriclum Overview for Specials


Grades K-5
Students in grades K-5 have music twice a week.

The general goals of music education are to foster an interest/love of music; to help children develop the ability to express themselves musically; and to develop a basic understanding of musical form.  Listening skills, rhythmic movement, music theory, instrument identification, singing, and composers and their works are incorporated into each grade level.  Instrument playing is introduced in third grade with flutophones.  Fourth graders learn to play recorder, and fifth graders learn ukulele and guitar.

K-5 students are involved in two programs each year, our Christmas program in December and the Spring Sing in May.

Grades 6-8
Students in Middle School choose at least one music elective each year. Please see our middle school electives page for more information about music options available for middle school. 


Through the HPCS Physical Education/Health Program, I find it a personal goal to support the growth of a Christian student in the image of God and provide understanding of our purpose and value in service to God.  Through each child’s own uniqueness and beauty, I respect their individualities and strive to physically educate them on healthy lifetime activities and responsibility.  Another goal is to not only challenge their physical and spiritual potential but help them feel the benefits of physical movement and activity.  They are encouraged to challenge themselves and to grow so that they feel the commitment to physical and spiritual growth.  This contribution of teaching the value of physical activity plays an important part in lifelong fitness. 


Students at High Point Christian School begin learning Spanish in first grade. Students in first through fifth grade have Spanish class once per week, sixth graders have class twice per week, and seventh and eighth graders have class every day. In grades one through six, students learn basic Spanish vocabulary, grammar, stories. Students are also exposed to the songs, culture, geography, and history of Spanish-speaking countries. Students in grades seven and eight master the equivalent of the first year of high school Spanish, with many students continuing on to take Spanish in high school.


Computer classes are taught from 1st grade until 8th. The curriculum is designed to build upon itself as it goes from grade to grade. It starts out with basic computer skills, including keyboarding up to more advanced skills in the upper grades. It is mainly based on Microsoft Office programs, but also introduces photo editing, movie making, internet search and an introduction to coding.


Art at HPCS includes instruction in 2D and 3D formats which focus on art elements and principles.  Mediums we explore include, charcoal, chalk, oil pastels, colored pencils, markers, watercolor and acrylic paint. Mediums used in 3D applications include clay, paper mâché, metal tooling, paper folding, beadwork, fabric printing and sewing. Some techniques lend to both 3D and 2D applications such as printmaking, glass fusing and mosaics.  Cultures and the study of belief systems as well as art movements and bibliographies are included to add interest to the techniques we explore.


The general goals of library education at HPCS are to encourage an appreciation for literature, to develop lifelong readers, and to provide students with the skills needed to independently search for information in the library setting. Within this goal is seeing God and His creation as it is reflected in literature.  Students will be introduced to a variety of genres, literary classics, library terms and concepts, and library organization.  Books related to diverse cultures; seasonal, holiday, and current events; and Christian themes and moral lessons will be incorporated into all levels.

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