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Who is Impact Christian Schools?

Impact Christian Schools (ICS) is here to provide academic and school leadership for Christian schools with a much bigger vision than just providing quality education.  ICS aims to come alongside what God would do when His presence intersects education.  The outcome?  A robust educational environment where children can grow into great people, know their purpose, their identity, and how to participate in a community where others flourish as well.
ICS is an administrative support platform for a distinctly Christian system of church-based schools that:
  • Creates new seats in new schools for those who want a quality Christian education.
  • Keeps the founding schools strong and moving forward in the ICS vision.
  • Improves accessibility to high quality Christian education. 
  • Strives to bring quality Christian education to minority students.
  • Through doing the ‘business’ of the school, keep administrators and teachers doing the ‘educating’ of the student.
  • Assists beyond the students in each location and helps their families.
  • Assists in creating growing communities around each ICS school.
  • Assists in creating an inviting and safe culture, that reflects the student body in each school.

History of Impact Christian Schools



While playing basketball one day early in 2012, two Madison area pastors were talking.  Each of these pastors were part of churches that operated a Christian school.  As they spoke, one of them said, “I think we could use some help.” 
Shortly thereafter, Abundant Life Christian School and High Point Christian School formed a relationship, and created Madison Christian Schools.  It was agreed that these two schools would work together under a management agreement that had a five-year window. 
Great things were accomplished in this five-year period for both schools: Finances were strengthened, academic achievement flourished, and perhaps the greatest importance; two different types of churches found that they not only could work together, but also they could accomplish more when coming together under a common goal for God’s purposes.


As the five-year window was coming to an end, the conversation about the original partnership between High Point Christian School and Abundant Life Christian School began to change.  The prevailing thought throughout this time was, “that was good, is there more?”  The conclusion was a resounding, “YES!”
With this “yes” in mind, a new school was drawn into the conversation; Lighthouse Christian School.  As Lighthouse joined the conversation, it quickly became apparent that other Christian schools beyond the boarders of Madison had an interest in collaboration.


In May 2018 the five years came to an end, but the collaboration didn't.  With the obvious interest of other schools, and the pressing “yes”, a new organization was born: Impact Christian Schools (ICS).  Abundant Life Christian School, High Point Christian School, and Lighthouse Christian School came together and formed the original charter of ICS.

ICS schools